[ad_1] COUNCILS OF GALINA KIZIMA – RUSSIAN MITTLIDER End of interview with GA Kizima. – So we removed the lutrasil and again we do not water, fertilize or spray anything? – Not. Because if you cover it with foil, moisture has remained in the soil, the plants have hatched, started to grow, and you will… Read Article →

[ad_1] Contents ✓ ✓ NOTE: APPLE TREE IN RESIN: PROBLEM OR NOT? ✓ APPLE CARE IN JULY – VIDEO APPLE CARE IN JULY We talked with the candidate of agricultural sciences, Julia KONDRATENOK, not only about ornamental apple trees, but also about ordinary apple trees. After all, July is an important period for apple trees,… Read Article →

[ad_1] Contents ✓ ✓ CROP PLANTS IN A GREENHOUSE ✓ PULLING OUT PLANTING HOLES ✓ FLOODING, BUT NOT FLOATING ✓ EARLY VEGETABLES AND GREEN IN GLASS – VIDEO SPRING GREEN When spring arrives, it is too early to plant plants in the open ground. But those who have a greenhouse in place are not afraid… Read Article →

[ad_1] COUNCILS OF GALINA KIZIMA – RUSSIAN MITTLIDER Three years have passed in the “magic” garden of Galina Kizima. Without the slightest effort, we have already harvested abundant crops of potatoes, squash, cabbage and many other vegetables. – Galina Aleksandrovna, what are we planning for the fourth year? – In spring very early (in the… Read Article →

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